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Strategic collaboration between AbcProxy & KikiLogin: Ushering in a new era of Proxy Residential

AbcProxy and KikiLogin have officially expanded their strategic partnership, promising to provide users with a comprehensive and secure residential proxy solution with superior security measures.
Explore the distinctive features of AbcProxy at the following link:

AbcProxy – A Global Leader in Residential Proxy Services

200M+ ethically sourced Residential Proxy pools in more than 190 countries

With the relentless advancement of technology, AbcProxy has become an indispensable tool for a vast user base. It not only ensures safe and secure web browsing but also instills confidence by eliminating concerns about online tracking or privacy breaches. With a vast global server network of over 200 million real IP addresses, AbcProxy establishes a comprehensive residential proxy system.
AbcProxy enables users to browse anonymously, safeguard privacy, and effortlessly bypass geographical restrictions. The service not only enhances user privacy but also facilitates faster web browsing, saving time and effort. Employing advanced encryption technology, AbcProxy ensures maximum protection of user information. With an A+ proxy infrastructure enhancing proxy network speed in over 190 countries, GDPR & CCPA-compliant vetting processes, and flexible pricing, AbcProxy is undoubtedly your perfect choice.

Supporting multiple devices, providing free proxy tools.

Compatible with Windows, Mac, Mobile App, Google Chrome Extension, and FireFox Proxy Extension. Simple proxy configuration in just a few steps, cost-effective, no restrictions on proxy usage or recall frequency. You have 100% complete control over your proxy server, ensuring no one else shares the same IP during your usage.
  • Customizable session, city, and duration
  • Real-time IP/traffic monitoring
  • Multiple proxy generation and authentication methods

Easily integrate AbcProxy solutions to your projects

Supports API and user+pass authentication parameter configuration for bulk and efficient collection of public data. Compatible with HTTP, HTTPS, Socks5, and multiple protocols. Features multi-language scripting, ready-to-use code samples, and the ability to send unlimited concurrent requests for fast data retrieval. Fully compatible with any software, crawling tool, browser, or device.

Best Customer Experience in the Industry

Trusted by thousands of businesses since 2018, ABC S5 Proxy has emerged as the preferred choice for secure content access and professional web data collection solutions.


AbcProxy is widely used in various fields, including market research, sales & e-commerce, social media for marketing, SERP & SEO, advertising technology, price monitoring, data scraping, threat intelligence,…
AbcProxy – Not Just a Proxy Service, but a Comprehensive Solution for Your Privacy and Security on the Internet. Supported by a dedicated technical team, AbcProxy is committed to providing you with the most secure and user-friendly online experience.

Strategic Partnership between AbcProxy and KikiLogin – Comprehensive Residential Proxy and Security Solution

Through this collaboration, AbcProxy and KikiLogin pledge continuous efforts and contributions to delivering the most comprehensive and secure residential proxy solution for customers.

Harnessing the Strengths of Both Services, AbcProxy Users Can:

  • Browse anonymously and protect privacy: AbcProxy’s residential proxy helps users conceal their real IP addresses, preventing third-party tracking in their online activities.
  • Bypass geographical restrictions: AbcProxy’s residential proxy allows users to access blocked websites and services in their region.
  • Manage multiple accounts on different platforms: KikiLogin’s account management solution supports users in conveniently managing multiple accounts across various platforms, including social media, e-commerce, gaming, etc.

Benefits of Leveraging AbcProxy & KikiLogin Advantages

  • Safe and secure web browsing solution: AbcProxy’s residential proxy safeguards users from online threats, such as tracking, fraud, and personal information theft. This creates conditions for a safe and uninterrupted web browsing experience.
  • Enhanced work efficiency: KikiLogin’s account management solution helps users save time, streamline manual operations, and achieve high performance in teamwork activities.
  • Access to new business opportunities: AbcProxy’s residential proxy enables users to expand their reach to various markets and discover new business opportunities.
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